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— Sightseeing Taxi Tour in Kyoto with National Licensed Guide Interpreter (English)  —

Many historical spots

Kyoto was the capital of Japan for more than one thousand years. In addition, there’s almost no major bombing attack during World War II.

Therefore, there are a lot of old historical spots, wooden structures built hundreds of years ago, traditional town sceneries and many important cultural assets still preserved.

Byodoin temple : Blooming azalea flowers enhance the beauty of 1,000 year old Buddha hall in May.

Rich in nature

You can also enjoy beautiful nature during the tour because Kyoto city is surrounded with beautiful mountains and adorned with beautiful rivers that are within your reach. You can get to the nearest mountainous areas from downtown in only about 15 minutes.

Daigoji temple : Cherry blossoms start to cover the whole temple in March.

Variety of beautiful plants

In spring, you can see a stunning scenery of cherry blossoms all over the city. After the cherry blossoms, green leaves become brilliantly beautiful, especially translucent green leaves like maple leaves turn whole the city refreshing green. At the same time, various kinds of flowers such as azalea, peony, wisteria, hydrangea and so forth begin to bloom one after another.

Byodoin temple : Clusters of wisteria flowers reach over 1 meter long in April.
Mimurotoji temple : Hydrangea flowers cover the garden in June.

In fall, maple leaves, ginkgo leaves and many other leaves turn yellow, orange and red. The view of the whole city is completely breathtaking.

If you love nature, you can enjoy almost all the season in this city.

Tofukuji temple : This temple is one of the most popular maple leaf viewing spots.

Example of 8-hour tour

★ I meet you at your hotel at 9:00 in the morning.→→→★ Fushimi Inari shrine (walk through fantastic one thousand orange gates)→→→★ Kiyomizu temple and traditional town (overlook magnificent landscape from Kiyomizu stage)→→→★Lunch→→→★Drive through Gion district (immerse yourself in a traditional atmosphere where many Geiko(Geisha) and Maiko work)→→→★  Nijo castle (travel back to the medieval time in the original wooden architecture)→→→★ Golden pavilion temple (enjoy gorgeous temple with Zen garden which was once Ashikaga shogun’s villa)→→→★ Bamboo forest (walk in an amazing forest with thousands of beautiful bamboos)→→→★  We arrive at your hotel at 5:00 in the evening.

This is only an example. There are unlimited patterns in your taxi tour.

“List of Sightseeing Spots” will help you make your best itinerary.

For example, if you want to experience matcha green tea ceremony, I will put it in your itinerary. If you want to enjoy shopping, I will take you to the place where you can find what you need. In Kyoto, there are a lot of rental kimono shops. If you want to enhance your feelings in this traditional city, it’s a good idea to take a walk in kimono, traditional Japanese clothes.

utensils of matcha powdered green tea for tea ceremony

In this way, taxi tour has a lot of possibility and flexibility.

Please make good use of my taxi tour and make your stay in Japan enjoyable and meaningful.

*I also welcome Japanese tourists. Please visit the ‘Japanese page’.

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