○ Merits of my Private Taxi Tour

— Sightseeing Taxi Tour in Kyoto with National Licensed Guide Interpreter (English)  —

Safe, comfortable and reasonable. 

I haven’t had a traffic accident since I started to work as a taxi driver in 2006. As a licensed taxi driver, the drive is safe, smooth and comfortable. So you can just sit relaxed, enjoy talking and looking at the view from my taxi while we are moving from one place to another.

My ‘Private Taxi Tour’ is very reasonable, because taxi fare and guide fee are all in one price.

Enkoji temple : Its garden is certainly picturesque.


You can make your original itinerary.

You are free to make your own itinerary. If you have specific sightseeing spots you are planning to visit, please let me arrange them to make your own best itinerary. If you don’t have any ideas where to visit, I am very happy to help you make the best plan that suits you.

Bamboo forest in Arashiyama district


You can travel efficiently and smoothly.

As an experienced taxi driver, I can take you anywhere in the most efficient way. That is because I know all the streets and traffic conditions.
During the tour, if time permits, I drive through as many interesting and beautiful places as possible on our way to the next destination.

By using my taxi, you can visit and enjoy far more places than you can by using trains and buses, or on foot.
Although there are a lot of narrow streets in Kyoto, it is possible to drive you around the residential, downtown, rural and traditional townhouse areas by my taxi, which buses cannot.

Ryoanji temple : This is the world famous dry landscape garden.


You can feel the depth of Japan.

As a National Licensed Guide & Interpreter, I can fulfill your curiosity.

You can travel back in time to ancient Japan by visiting Kyoto, which was once the capital of Japan and still preserves a lot of historic sites(Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, Nijo castle, the Imperial palace….) and traditional areas(old market streets, preservation districts for traditional buildings, sake brewery museums….).

Byodoin temple : This is nearly one thousand-year-old wooden structure.

If you visit those places with my information on their detailed backgrounds, you can enjoy Kyoto far more than you can with a little or no information, or reading your guidebook and Wikipedia.

I am sure I can help you enjoy all those places and touch the depth of the Japanese culture, history, lifestyle, people’s way of thinking, etc.

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