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○ Unique, fascinating Japanese culture

— Sightseeing Taxi Tour in Kyoto with National Licensed Guide Interpreter (English)  —

Komyoin temple : Its dry landscape garden is cozy and tranquil.

Japanese culture has been greatly influenced by China and many other countries since  ancient times.

The government sent envoys to China more than 20 times. But after it ended its diplomatic relationship in 894, Japan developed its original and unique culture.

In the middle of the 16th century, Christianity was introduced from Europe. But in 1639, Tokugawa shogun implemented isolation policy for fear of the influence of Christianity and for some other reasons. This policy lasted for more than 200 years, then Japan developed its original culture again.


Nijo castle : The last shogun returned his power to the Emperor at this castle in 1867.

In 1854, the government decided to open its door to other countries again and started to absorb various things from Western countries.

In this way, Japanese culture developed in a unique and flexible way by repetition of absorbing, refusing, arranging and creating variously.

Fushimi-inari shrine : It is famous for its stunning ‘one thousand orange gates’.

When you explore Japan, Kyoto is the key to find what you are looking for.

As a National Licensed Guide Interpreter (English) and also a professional taxi driver, I assure you that you can enjoy such unique and attractive good old Japan, and make your travel a truly memorable one through Hiroshi Taxi tour.

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