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— Sightseeing Taxi Tour in Kyoto with National Licensed Guide Interpreter (English)  —


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Licensed Guide & Taxi Driver

My name is Hiroshi Yano.

Do you need a taxi?
Do you need a tour guide?
If you need both, why don’t you enjoy my private taxi tour?
I am a “National Licensed Guide Interpreter” and also a “Licensed Taxi Driver”.

I was born and raised in Osaka and graduated from the university in Kobe. Now I live in Rakusai district, which is located in the west part of Kyoto city. It is near Arashiyama district famous for its beautiful bamboo forest.

=== career ===

I taught English, Japanese and social studies at a private-tutoring school in Osaka for 14 years.
I started to work as a taxi driver in 2006. Since then, I have worked as a licensed taxi driver and a tour guide in Kyoto.
I have guided Japanese tourists far more than a hundred times.
And I started to work as a National Licensed Guide Interpreter in 2016.
Since then, I have guided foreign tourists as an English-speaking tour guide more than 50 times.

I worked for a taxi company for about 13 years, and I became independent in November 2019. Now, I am a self employed tour guide & taxi driver.
Becoming independent gives me a lot of flexibility, because I have my own car which I can use anytime I need to.
My car is Toyota SIENTA hybrid (compact MPV). Four to five medium-size suitcases are containable if the number of the passengers is 4 or less than 4.

=== qualifications ===

I have no history of traffic accident.

I passed the EIKEN (test in Practical English Proficiency) Grade 1 in 2007.

I passed the Kyoto Kentei (test in Knowledge of Sightseeing and Culture of Kyoto) Grade 2 in 2013.

I got a National License of Guide Interpreter (English) in 2016.

I became a Kyoto Hospitality Concierge certified by Kyoto city government in 2020.



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